Under the surface

The story behind the painting

“Under the surface” has a lot of symbolism and was painted when I was recovering from a life crisis. It is about hope, courage and internal discoveries. It’s the pre-painting to the “The Universe is in me” series. When you think you are sinking, open your eyes and you will see that there are beautiful and good things around you, bubbles of oxygen to save you. And the water is not stagnant, there are movement and life under the surface, just different. It is also about observing and reflecting on things inside you, under the surface in another sense. To open your eyes to who you really are, not only the obvious things but the unconscious things. To have the courage to dive deep.

In the background, if you look close you will see the geometry of The Flower of Life in light pink. The Flower of Life is a geometric figure with a lot of symbolism and beautiful meaning.

The repetition of circles that together resemble images of flowers, hence the name Flower of life. This pattern of symmetry is called a sacred geometry. The flower of life represents the expansion of consciousness. To get out of the old pattern full of trauma and suffering and head towards a bright future, opening your awareness in the present.

The circle symbolizes the immanent universe, symbols like the one in the center are called triquetres, which in Latin means “three corners”. The triquetra for some symbolizes life, death and rebirth. For the Celts it reflects the philosophy that the being has three levels: Physical, mental and spiritual. According to some Jewish and Christian traditions, the stages of construction of the Seed of Life correspond to the six days of Creation described in the book of Genesis. For the Catholic Church it symbolizes the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


100 x 100 cm


Acrylics on canvas