Baby Nest – A melhor invenção desde a chupeta



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Vocês conhecem o Baby Nest? É o melhor invenção desde a chupeta… Já fez grande sucesso na Suécia e agora estou lançando aqui no Brasil no, com a minha própria marca. É um moisés macio que você pode levar para qualquer lugar. Os moisés macios são perfeitos para o seu bebe se sentir seguro e confortável em qualquer lugar! E vocês podem comprar com um preço promocional até sábado que vem! Confira todas as cores no

  1. Pode colocar dentro do próprio carrinho ou no berço para criar um espaço mais aconchegante.
  2. Cria um espaço seguro e confortável no sofá, no chão ou outro lugar em casa ou quando visitar amigos.
  3. Traga se dormir fora, o bebe vai reconhecer o cheiro e sentir em casa.
  4. Pode colocar na cama entre a mamãe e o papai sem medo que o bebe vai ficar quente de mais ou esmagado.

Eu também gostaria de convidar vocês para o meu site Os meus produtos tem design escandinava mas com coração brasileira. ByAlm – Kids é um conceito original de moda e acessórios para bebes e crianças. Tem uma linguagem nórdico e moderno para quem quer ser diferente. ByAlm – Decor é uma linha moderna e charmosa de produtos de decoração de interiores. Tem pôsteres, móbiles e outras decorações desde o quarto de bebe até a sala de estar. Muitos produtos podem ser personalizados. Num próximo post vou falar mais sobre isso…

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Paleo prints (and more) up on my web store!


During this year I have already had quite some focus on food projects (food design, workshops, presentations/congresses, etc.), but without losing the need to create visually in different ways. At the latest online congress I promised to put up the Paleo/LCHF pyramid for free on my Food blog (click here if you like to have yours) and in that moment the idea of creating some more artistic prints on the paleo theme was born as well.


The first thing that came to my mind was egg and bacon… And as always when an idea decides to stick around for a little bit longer I start working on it without too much analysis, I simply get my hands dirty using my intuition and inspiration. There is no way I could stop my self, I just need to do it…

One idea led to the other, a series with stylised forks, knives and spoons. Since we are all different I created a series with the same base shapes, but with different color combination. I hope you´ll like them!


The prints are up on my webstore and for a limited period you can get them with a 30% discount. Check it out!


And just a warning 🙂 There are more news coming soon on  the webstore…. Not only paleo…

Birthday promotion – Get the book for free this weekend!


Happy Birthday promotion! I turn 40 years next week and I want to give you all a gift. My latest e-book “Hope”, can be downloaded from Amazon for free for the whole weekend!

Click to this link to get the book now: Hope – e-book for charity

I wrote and illustrated the book from the heart and couldn’t be happier than when someone reads and get inspired by it. So download it, read it (and to help other people find it on Amazon, write a review and/or share this post…) All proceeds from the book goes to charity, so if you help other people find the book it is for a good cause as well, not only to make me happy… It is really to spread good energy (and hope).

As an extra bonus I also put my other e-books for free for the same period (“Baby Mika wants Adventure” and “Baby Mika has a Circus”) for the ones that have not yet read them and are curious. You just need a Kindle App (free) on your smart phone or computer (if you don’t have a real Kindle that is…).

To read more about the project, check out this page: Hope – Multi channel project to empower children.

And to watch the book on YouTube for free as well have a look here:



My online store “byAlm” is up and running!

As you already know I have a broad range of creative output and I have been thinking for a while what do to with all of it… Now the seed is planted and I have my own online store up and running! I am very happy!


476706-Logga-byAlm-7-to-lojavirtualYou should go and check it out at

I’ll add a link to the store on this site as well.

The first products are the retro aprons from my own brand Love Kitch and also some cool Eco Bags connected to my Low-Carb/Paleo blog “Menos Carboidratos!”. But more is to come… Stay tuned.


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