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My e-book “Baby Mika wants Adventure” – Now on YouTube!

Buy the e-book here: Baby Mika Wants Adventure

Read more about the book here.


My e-book “Baby Mika has a Circus” – Now on YouTube

You can now find the Baby Mika has a Circus e-book on YouTube for free!

Buy the book here: Baby Mika Has A Circus

Read more about the book here.

1.300 books about Baby Mika sold during promotion days!

I am very happy! 1300 books about Baby Mika were downloaded during the free promotion days! Most of them from, but readers also discovered the opportunity on the local Amazon pages in India, Japan, Brazil, UK and Italy. It is a great feeling that my books are getting spread more and more and that children around the world are reading and hopefully getting inspired by the curious and independent Baby Mika 🙂 It  really means a lot to me!

Read more about the books or buy here:

Baby Mika Wants Adventure

Baby Mika Has A Circus

Baby Mika wants adventure!


I am very excited! The first book about Baby Mika was published today!  It is a rhyming book with a lot of action for the smallest girls and boys (age 1-3). Follow a brave and curious baby’s colorful adventures!

With colorful and stimulating illustrations. Developed for Kindle full screen display to optimize your reading experience.

Check it out:
Baby Mika Wants Adventure (


Estou super animada! O primeiro livro sobre Baby Mika foi publicado hoje! É com rima e é perfeito para crianças de 1-3 anos ou crianças maiores que estão aprendendo ingles. Segue as aventuras coloridas do curioso e corajoso Baby Mika!

Olhe os detalhes e compre no:

Baby Mika Wants Adventure (

Baby Mika Wants Adventure (Amazon Brasil)