The Universe is in me

The story behind the painting

This painting might be small but it means so much to me and it carries so much power.

It was the first in my current ongoing series “The Universe is in you”, which started from a very painful place within me. I had a psychical and physical core meltdown after the difficult pregnancy and traumatic birth of my youngest daughter. But I knew that if I could tap into the force within me I could save myself. I had this chaotic background on a canvas, and I was adding on layers and colors without a clear idea. But then suddenly I saw her, I felt her, and I took my brushes and stroke by stroke I welcomed her to the world, “The Universe is in you”, the mother of all other paintings. I found the force within me. Something clicked and after that my paintings got more meaning, I was painting to find my way back to the surface and I put all my intuition in creating positive affirmations to transform my reality. And it saved me. And I hope my art can save other people as well. Maybe you.

And, I wasn’t supposed to sell it. But the right person asked and it is now in the place where it belongs, at a collector’s home close to Chicago. But it will always have a special place in my heart.



30 x 40 cm


Acrylics on canvas