I wish you peace, love, health and happiness

The story behind the painting

This painting was inspired by my yoga practice and especially my yoga teacher Marcia Heder at Espaco Kaizen and her way to end every class with a beautiful and loving prayer of gratitude. Marcia is a very special human being and a true master of yoga spreading her wisdom class by class, recognizing that everything is connected. (During quarantine at YouTube, IG Live and Zoom)

The prayer I am speaking about expresses gratitude for life; the experiences and learnings, the people around me who strengthen the energy of the group, the people who came before me, for who I am, for this day, another precious opportunity of life and it ends with “I wish that every being is blessed with peace, love, health and happiness”. (Further down you can read the prayer, more or less how I remember it, although I know it’s not the exact same words.) I have carried this wish with me for years now and I have spread it where I can; “I wish you peace, love, health and happiness!” Now it has turned into a painting with that name, where the four ladies represent the four wishes, all present this precious day of life, but they also represent the things I am grateful for; the people around me, the people before me, my own life, experiences and learnings.

The blessing:

I thank you for all my experiences, which allow me to learn and develop.

Thank you for all the masters who came before and took the practice to us.

I appreciate the presence of each person around me, which enriches and strengthens the energy of the group.

Thank you for what I am and for my life!

I thank you for this day, recognizing it as another precious life opportunity.

And I wish all beings to be blessed with peace, love, health and happiness!


80 x 90 cm


Acrylics and spray on canvas