I am whole

The story behind the painting

This is the first painting from my series “Expanding consciousness”. I went through a health crisis when I felt really ill and was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy. In the microscope exam you could see my fine nerves being fried, cut up and in many cases erased, and it affected my whole body. There were not many answers or clear ways to solve my physical and emotional struggles.
But I believe in the healing power of our bodies, the power of intention, and the magic power of healing in our connection with the universe. I believe that the potential of healing is there without needing to understand the details, but we need to get beyond our shadows to connect with this potential. We need to get beyond our selves.
When I make art I surrender, and this painting was born out of my intention to see my nerves beeing whole, dense and without interuptions. But the lines of the nerves also represent my expanded consciousness, inviting the potential of health to my life. The lines become energy fields in our infinite universe. Our connection with each other and with the divine. Taking me beyond my self, beyond fear, limiting beliefs and other shadows. Connecting my with my purpose. And so a new series has its beginning.

100 x 120 cm


Acrylics and spray on canvas