I am the gateway

The story behind the painting

I was surprised by how clearly this came to me, stronger than my paintings usually emerge from my subconscious mind.
There are two places in Brazil that I call “gateways to Universe”, they are both places I like to visit when I can to pray, to give thank you, to receive energy from the Universe. They are places for gratitude and connection.️ One is in the end of a beach, between two rocks where the waves come in and break. I have written messages in the sand and let the waves absorb them. The other one is in the middle of a bush of tall bamboo trees, it’s like entering a room without a roof with a tunnel of green towards the sky. Two magical places to me. But when I worked on this painting I felt very strongly that the portal to the power of the Universe was within me, I carry it with me. Somehow with this painting I reclaimed and internalized the connection, a reminder to find the answers within instead of outside. The place and the moment for gratitude and connection, prayer and affirmation, are always here, with me. We all have this connection, we are all gateways. ️
Watching the result of my painting, I was reflecting on what this means. I painted it purely intuitively, and I only stopped to think after it was completed. For me it seems like we receive the energy and then we reorganize it based on whatever calling we have and donate the result to the world. We are like prisms, receiving white light, which contains all different frequencies, then we filter it with our talents, our mission here on earth. The rainbows symbolize this gift, our contribution. The painting wouldn’t be complete without them. I also feel that this painting shows that we have direct access to the answers, to the solutions. We don’t need anyone outside to interpret, we can tap into our truths and our forces at any time.

120 x 120 cm


Acrylics and spray on canvas