I am singing in the rain

The story behind the painting

This painting is called “I’m singing in the rain” and was painted with a lot of strong and bold colors, and on one of my biggest canvases, to confront the insecurities and fears which were starting to penetrate the society at the beginning of the Corona crisis. I knew at the time that it would change the world and have an impact on us all but I didn’t want it to control me, I wanted to show that even in bad weather and rain we can choose to sing and keep the spirit up. The woman’s strong presence in the painting makes the rain almost disappear in the background, maybe you don’t even notice it in the beginning. Keeping the spirit up will help us continue to take care of our selves and our loved ones. And in that way we keep our force, ability and motivation to help others in need as well.
If we would start to get all down and negative, it would be like moving the rain to the front of the painting, erasing our colors, our force, and blinding us for the world. It would affect our health and it could even traumatize our kids. I believe that the attitude with which we confront problems is essential, I’ve learned that from my mother who has won a lot of health battles and other challenges with her positive spirit. I want to keep the rain in the background.

130 x 100 cm


Acrylics and spray on canvas