Hope – Multi channel project to empower children

This book project is very close to my heart. I am not alone in this world and I only have one life, so I feel that I want to make the best out of the dreams and the talents that I have got, pursuing happiness at the same time as I try to make a difference in my own small way. We all live in one big eco system where we depend on each other and if we all do the best that we can we will change the world to the better.

Buy the book here: “Hope – e-book for charity “

I have two specific goals TitlepageHopebyMariaAlmwith this project:

1. Empower children.

It´s darkest before dawn. The book starts in the darkest moment of a child’s life but changes rapidly when the child decides to let go of his fears. He understands that he can do more than he thinks and that the future is in his own hands.

Death, illness, bullying, divorce and other traumas can dramatically affect the life of a child. Through positive affirmations and vivid illustrations I want to empower and encourage children to never give up and always believe in themselves. There is always hope and change starts here and now!

The book is available on my YouTube channel for free as a slideshow, for everyone to get inspired, see below.

2. Direct support and involvement in charity projects

The book will be available on selected e-readers, starting with Kindle now. Buy the book here: Hope

Proceeds from this e-book go directly to children’s charity, especially projects aiming to support vulnerable and abandoned children in Brazil. You can suggest specific projects in the form in the end of the page, I would love to learn about interesting projects to support.

Thank you for your contribution and please spread the words!

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Suggest/motivate a charity project here. Please include a web link to where I can read more about it in the comments:
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