My Books

e-booksDMIGcapaquadradoNewFullHope – Encouraging children to always believe in themselves (More info here)

Multi channel project to empower children and support charity projects.

Death, illness, bullying, divorce and other traumas can dramatically affect the life of a child. Through positive affirmations and vivid illustrations I want to empower and encourage children to never give up and always believe in themselves. There is always hope and change starts here and now!

Published for free on my YouTube channel.

Buy the book here: “Hope – e-book for charity ”

BabyMikaMariaAlm2Baby Mika – Adventure Series for 1-4 year olds (More info here)

Vibrant rhyming children’s books with a lot of action for the youngest girls and boys. Follow a brave and curious baby’s colorful adventures. Nothing can stop Baby Mika!

The Baby Mika series is my small way to try to make a difference. I want to tell simple but inspiring stories about an independent and curious baby who explores the world in his own way. Books with the child in the center; Baby Mika is his own hero! The series has two books so far:

  1. Baby Mika Wants Adventure (Buy Here: Baby Mika Wants Adventure)
  2. Baby Mika Has a Circus (Buy here: Baby Mika Has A Circus)

They are also published for free on my YouTube channel.


Other Book Projects

Click here to view selected images from different books projects in progress.