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[Interview in Portuguese without translation] Tive a honra de ser convidada para o serie de entrevistas que o simpático Monteiro de Barros está fazendo com artistas plásticas selecionadas aqui no Brasil durante a pandemia!  Tivemos uma conversa muito gostosa, adorei a entrevista e a oportunidade de falar sobre a minha arte e minhas experiências criativas. Obrigada Monteiro! A entrevista toca em seguintes assuntos, e muito mais: As minhas mulheres nas telas nasceram em qual momento marcante da

I’m taking part in an international exposition promoting art Naïf . It’s called “A Naïf look at the times of Covid -19” (Um Olhar Naif em tempos da Covid-19) and is completely virtual in the initial phase. Art Naif has a quite generous definition but has a very good fit with Brazilian storytelling, art showing the struggles and celebrations of being a human and in this case the many perspectives of living through a pandemic.

The painting "I turn around and face my fears" will participate in an international virtual exposition called “A Naif look at the times of Covid-19” initiated in Brazil. You are welcome to the virtual vernissage which happens this Thursday the 16 of July in a live at the YouTube channel of BarthoNaif. After that you can check out the virtual exposition at www.ciaartecultura.com.br and the art site www.blombo.com. Post-pandemic the virtual show will turn into physical

Yesterday I was interviewed by Mariana at Andreus Galeria, we had such a nice conversation and I’d like to invite you to listen! The interview covers a lot of aspects of who I am as a person and artist and if you are curious about me, my art journey, why I changed from a safe career as an executive to a life as an artist, what life crisis actually brought more life to my art, what

While I was in Paris I also participated in the juried Spring Salon of Cia Arte Cultura back here in Sao Paulo. Since I was traveling I couldn't participate in the opening and had a very nice surprise the day after when I learned that I won the 2nd prize and a solo exhibition for my paintings "I love" and " I feel like dancing". It means a lot to me that it was this particular

The International Contemporary Art Fair at Le Carrossel du Louvre celebrates its 25 edition. But the location, just under the Louvre represents many hundreds of years of culture. When you arrive to the inverted pyramide you have the entrance to the prestigious museum on one side and the entrance to the International Contemporary Art Exhibition on the other. It is very humbling and at the same time very exciting to be part of it. The exhibition

I have some very exciting news! My painting “I feel joy” has been invited to the International Contemporary Art Fair at Le Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, a reputable biannual art fair with ~30.000 visitors during three days. The event is in a month so I feel it is time to start talking about it

"IX Salão Internacional de artes Plásticas Sinap/Aiap" at Alesp was such a good energy event. A lot of laughs and meeting up with friends and making new. I participated with the painting “We have come a long way". Vernissage: 19 June 2019 at 19.00. Exposition period: 17-28 June 2019 Local: Alesp - Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral 201 - Sao Paulo Curatorship: Paco de Assis

I sent some very good energy to this exposition, spreading some love outside Sao Paulo. The selected pieces were “I feel like dancing" and "I love". Vernissage: 04 May 2019 as 19.00. Exposition period: 04 - 31 May 2019 Local: Galeria de Artes & Atelier Licia B. Simoneti Shopping Center Limeira - Avenida Carlos Kuntz Busch, 800 - Limeira - SP Curatorship: Licia Simoneti Coordination: Adina Worcman Sponsor: Artcom Expo International Association of Artists [gallery ids="1393,1391"

I love the symbolism of the name of this exposition! Aprilis, or the month April, means to open up, marking the time of the year when spring brings new life to the earth. It represents change and the start of a new cycle. When the energy of spring is in harmony with our inner force something special can be revealed. I also loved the opening! Many friends came to toast with me and I felt that