About Maria

446f3f0a-f506-4675-a2ab-7f17e0532dd7I am a Swedish artist, born and raised in the middle of the Swedish mountains. I have my roots in a family of many creatives; composers, musicians, illustrators, artists and free spirited people in general. Although I was always encouraged in my involvement with art, I first went for Engineering studies, an MBA, entrepreneurial ventures, an executive career and a move to Brazil, choices which first led me seemingly distant to art. But in the end all my experiences brought me to the reunion with my voice and mission, since creativity always was the differentiating and motivating force in any challenge. The creative projects won me over until I found my path in visual arts. I feel very grateful for the journey and how it has shaped my way to see the world.

“I am still in the beginning of the journey, I have found my voice, now I want it to gain strength to reach as many people as possible”

I see art as my tool to inspire the world. My creations are self-affirmations of love, trust, courage, gratitude, sense of belonging, and freedom to be who we are. I want everyone to realize that they have the power within them selves, and through my art I want to wake the desire to use this power to live your dreams and to give back through making the world a better place.

“We can all tap into this inner and at the same time common power, we all have it in us, we just need to trust it.”

I get the inspiration from the emotions and the inner strength we all possess. But also from other artists, both established and rising, from stories, from the multicultural perspectives of Brazil, my Swedish roots, from life events. Everything that provokes a feeling or thought. These reflections and references are subconsciously translated to the canvas, whether in symbols, colors or themes.

“I see art as voices. When words are lacking, art can transfer the message in an even more powerful form, in a way that each viewer can interpret in his/her own poetic language”

Being creative means being in love with life, quoting Osho, but I believe that creativity is even more powerful. Sometimes life knocks you down and you forget. That happened to me. Art is helping me to fall in love with life again, painting love makes me feel love, painting courage makes me braver, painting gratitude reminds me of all the things for which I am grateful. My paintings are first self-affirmation to me and, as a consequence, a reminder to all of us of the power that everyone has within, and most importantly a reminder to trust in this power.