Varais de lavadeiras - Terezinha Sordi

My 10 Naïf favorites at

I’m taking part in an international exposition promoting art Naïf . It’s called “A Naïf look at the times of Covid -19” (Um Olhar Naif em tempos da Covid-19) and is completely virtual in the initial phase. Art Naif has a quite generous definition but has a very good fit with Brazilian storytelling, art showing the struggles and celebrations of being a human and in this case the many perspectives of living through a pandemic. Naïf Art truly represents an individual form of creation, that originates unique and original works. It approaches art creation in a spontaneous way, with total aesthetic and expressive freedom. The artists have not been “molded” in any art school.

I turn around and face may fears - Maria Alm

I turn around and face my fears – Maria Alm

Some call Naïf art from the “ soul” and it made me realize that my work could actually fit into this experimental way of making art, not following conventional rules but focusing on the message, the story to be told. Charmed by the inclusive energy I decided to enter the exposition with my painting “I turn around and face my fears” which wants you to recruit your inner force to face your fears with courage, love and forgiveness. To see it for what it is instead of letting your imagination create monsters.

I was also charmed by the genuine love the people involved have for Arte Naif. They have put their heart and soul into this project, to promote Naif art and artists, with the driving force being Odecio Rossafa at Bartho Naif and with very involved supporters like Paco de Assis at Cia Arte Cultura, the art critic Oscar d’Ambrosio, Rosangela Politano and Marinilda Boulay at Binaif (Bienal Internacional de Arte Naïf), Beto Fernandes at Museo do Sol (Museu de Arte Naif) and Nanah Farias at Espaço sideral. The virtual exposition will be shown at and an interesting and important addition is that through teaming up with the commercial art platform every painting is available for sale and can be sent wherever you might be.

The exposition has rich recruitment throughout Brazil and also with some international entries. The more selective exposition is still under construction but an extended selection of Naif can be found at I have scrolled through the 500 Naif paintings at and I have chosen my favorite 10. But I strongly suggest that you visit the exposition to find your own favorites as well. And if you are thinking of starting or adding to your art collection there is an opportunity to find unique art for a very accessible price. My favorites range from 400 reais to 9.000 reais.

Here is my top 10 Naif paintings at (in no special order and with title and name under each painting). Click on the image or on the name to get to which commercializes the paintings.

Longe da pandemia - Henry Vitor

Title: Longe da pandemia
Artist: Henry Vitor

Patrimônio Cultural - Robson Miguez

Title: PPatrimônio Cultural
Artist: Robson Miguez

Expulsão do paraíso covid19 na saída escolha sua mascara - Marinilda Boulay

Title: Expulsão do paraíso covid19 na saída escolha sua mascara
Artist: Marinilda Boulay

Varais de lavadeiras - Terezinha Sordi

Title: Varais de lavadeiras
Artist: Terezinha Sordi

Amanhacer no morro - Alice Masiero

Title: Amanhacer no morro
Artist: Alice Masiero

Foliões de Reis I - Ruiy Moura

Title: Foliões de Reis I
Artist: Ruiy Moura

Hora da ave Maria - Jocelino Soares

Title: Hora da ave Maria
Artist: Jocelino Soares

Dança do siriri na igreja são benedito - Wander Mello

Title: Dança do siriri na Igreja São Benedito
Artist: Wander Mello

Meu mundo colorido - Lidia Saczkovski

Title: Meu mundo colorido
Artist: Lidia Saczkovski

Pidiendole a los Orichas que nos Alege de la Pandemia - Pelly

Title: Pidiendole a los Orichas que nos Alege de la Pandemia Artist: Pelly