Artist Interview – Art and life!

Yesterday I was interviewed by Mariana at Andreus Galeria, we had such a nice conversation and I’d like to invite you to listen!

The interview covers a lot of aspects of who I am as a person and artist and if you are curios about me, my art journey, why I changed from a safe career as an executive to a life as an artist, what life crisis actually brought more life to my art, what motivates me to create, my way to adapt to the pandemic and how it has injected more ideas to my art, my current challenges and dreams, which I think can resonate with a lot of other artists, please check it out! I even had some time to speak about some paintings in particular to explain my process and vision with my art. So you can get the story behind some of my favorites!

The interview can be found on the IgTV channel of Andreus Galeria, follow the link for easy access:

Live Andreus – Maria Alm

Thank you Andreus Galeria for the opportunity!

Special note

The interview was saved to the IgTv tab at Andreus, but by mistake it wasn’t saved to the Stories where all the comments and who participated are normally saved for 24 hours. There was a lot of people listening and I wanted to enter after the interview to read all comments and questions with care since during the interview I was focusing on Mariana, but I couldn’t. I am very sorry, so if you were one of the people listening and if you have something to share, a question to make or if you were interested in the artist calls to action I was speaking about, like #artchallengecestou, please let me know.

Links to projects and sites mentioned in the interview:

(1) For more information about the project Poeticas Visuais, the group of artists developing art representing their take on “In times of Corona Virus”, based on individual work, group discussions and mentored by art critic Oscar D’Ambrosio. The initiative is organized by Cia Arte Cultura.

Poeticas Visuais

Cia Arte Cultura

(2) #artchallengecestou by @gerandofalcões. The initiative where artists offers a piece of art where the sales go to buy “cestas básicas”(kits with food and essentials) to women in vulnerable situation in the favelas, helping them and their family. Every artist then calls other artists to participate to create a positive wave of donations.

Gerando Falcoes – #artchallengecestou

(3) The Andreus Galeria


(4) My social media:



Facebook: /ByMariaAlm

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