“Aprilis” 25 April – 28 May 2019 at Espacio Uruguay (Sao Paulo)

"Aprilis" at Espaco Uruguay (Sao Paulo)

“Aprilis” at Espaco Uruguay (Sao Paulo)

I love the symbolism of the name of this exposition! Aprilis, or the month April, means to open up, marking the time of the year when spring brings new life to the earth. It represents change and the start of a new cycle. When the energy of spring is in harmony with our inner force something special can be revealed.

I also loved the opening! Many friends came to toast with me and I felt that my painting “I am at peace” got a good place in the spot light. I feel grateful.

  • Vernissage : 25 April 2019 at 19.00.
  • Exposition period: 25 April -28 May 2019
  • Local: Espacio Uruguay – Av. Paulista, 1776 – Sao Paulo
  • Curatorship: Ceres Macedo
  • Sponsors: Banco Republica and Espacio Uruguay

Some hightlights from the vernissage…

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