Paleo prints (and more) up on my web store!


During this year I have already had quite some focus on food projects (food design, workshops, presentations/congresses, etc.), but without losing the need to create visually in different ways. At the latest online congress I promised to put up the Paleo/LCHF pyramid for free on my Food blog (click here if you like to have yours) and in that moment the idea of creating some more artistic prints on the paleo theme was born as well.


The first thing that came to my mind was egg and bacon… And as always when an idea decides to stick around for a little bit longer I start working on it without too much analysis, I simply get my hands dirty using my intuition and inspiration. There is no way I could stop my self, I just need to do it…

One idea led to the other, a series with stylised forks, knives and spoons. Since we are all different I created a series with the same base shapes, but with different color combination. I hope you´ll like them!


The prints are up on my webstore and for a limited period you can get them with a 30% discount. Check it out!


And just a warning 🙂 There are more news coming soon on  the webstore…. Not only paleo…

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