Hope – Multi channel project to empower children

TitlepageHopebyMariaAlmThis book project is very close to my heart and I have two specific goals with it:

1. Empower children.

Death, illness, bullying, divorce and other traumas can dramatically affect the life of a child. The book starts in the darkest moment of a child’s life but changes rapidly when the child decides to let go of his fears. Through positive affirmations and vivid illustrations I want to empower and encourage children to never give up and always believe in themselves. There is always hope and change starts here and now!
The book is published on my YouTube channel (http://youtu.be/a5HRvdXULy8) for free for everyone to get inspired. See embedded movie in the end of the post.


2. Direct support and involvement in charity projects

The book is also published as a Kindle e-book and can be found on Amazon:

Buy the book here: “Hope – e-book for charity ”
The proceeds from this e-book go directly to children’s charity, especially projects aiming to support vulnerable and abandoned children in Brazil. You can suggest specific projects and read more about the project on the dedicated book page.

Thank you for your contribution and please spread the words!


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