Some photos from the vernissage!

Super talented Dea Lellis to the left (check her out at, I to the right

The vernissage was such a nice closure of the illustration course. I feel privileged to have met a group of so talented, open-minded, creative and curious people. Let’s keep in touch! And I hope to see your names on the bookshelves in the future 🙂 Also a big thank you to Fernando Vilela e Odilon Moraes that brought so much inspiration and passion to the course. Wow!

I should have taken more pictures, but I was so absorbed speaking with friends, course colleagues and professors that I simply forgot. But here comes a taste.

The exposition is open until the 21 of July. If you have a chance, stop by to get to know the final projects from my course, but also  from all the other creative/art/cultural courses at Tomie Ohtake this first semester. And also have a look at their courses for spring, if you feel inspired to get involved your self.

Where: Instituto Tomie Ohtake,
Av. Faria Lima 201, entrada pela R. Coropés.
Pinherios/Vila Madalena, São Paulo

The illustrated mockup of very creative Rogerio Marmo (with text by his wife)
The poetic text and illustrations by Maria Teresa Fonseca
Father reading to his son
People reading our books during the vernissage

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